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After graduating from college I worked as a Digital Mapping Technician with a budget that plans for my $776 in SSDI to end.

Tabatha W.
Keene, NH


Job Description: Work Incentives Specialist - Level 2

Work Incentives Specialists: Benefits Management support person(s), as determined by each agency (Area Agencies, Mental Health Centers, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.).  Examples would be: Benefits Specialists, Employment Support Specialists, Financial Case Managers, etc.

Work Incentives Specialists must:

  • Master all Level 1 competencies and pass Level 1 Assessment.
  • Master all Level 2 competencies and pass Level 2 Assessments and Case studies.
  • Complete training in use of WIPA work incentives planning calendar tool.
  • Must also have a thorough understanding of ALL eligibility requirements (including local requirements), processes, & rules for ALL types of benefits.  Including SSA, SSI, State of NH, Housing, etc.
  • Ability to complete basic benefits calculations.
  • Basic knowledge of work incentives (how they work, how calculated, etc.)
  • Understanding of how to access work incentives (for example, MEAD, 1619b, Subsidies, IRWEs, PASS, etc.).
  • Master how to complete Social Security's Work Activity Report. Assist consumers and Level 1 service providers with completion of Social Security's Work Activity Report                                                                                      
  • Technical Assistance for Level 1.
  • Assist consumers and Level 1 service providers in accessing MEAD & 1619b Medicaid Continuation.
  • Develop IRWEs, Subsidies, Special Conditions, & PASS with consumers
  • Assist consumers and Level 1 service providers in meeting all reporting requirements for all benefits received.
  • Benefits management once work incentives analysis is done by WIPA.
  • Attend monthly meetings of NH Benefit Planners Group.

NH GSEP Project

Work Incentives Specialist (Tier 2) Competency Checklist

Revised October 12, 2010

  • Prerequisite Training and Experience
  • Outreach
  • Content Knowledge and Skills
  • Identifying and Recommending Work Incentives
  • Benefits/Work Incentives Management
  • Communication and Documentation
  • Research & Use of Resources
  • Professionalism
  • Activities, Time Management and Outcomes

Click Here for the Checklist in its entirety