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Adding hours at my job gave me $120 more every month in wages, but my SSI was only reduced by $60, so I am coming out ahead.

Vanessa C.
Nashua, NH
What To Bring On Tax Day

Things to Know:

  • If filing jointly, both spouses must be present
  • Original (no photocopies) of social security cards for taxpayer, spouse if married, and any dependents being claimed
  • Picture ID for taxpayer and spouse (must be a valid Driver's License, or state issued ID Card, or other official document)
  • All income statements:  Form W-2 for all places worked in 2013, Social Security, Unemployment or other benefit statements or records of income and expenses.  All forms showing taxes withheld or estimated taxes paid.
  • Prior year tax return and car registration (if available)
  • If noncustodial parent claiming dependents, bring signed Form 8332 or similar document to confirm your claim to the exemption.

If Applicable:

  • Voided check or savings account # if direct deposit is desired
  • Copies of any 1099's issued
  • If itemizing:
    • Copies of 2013 mortgage interest statements
    • Real estate taxes statement
    • Proof of child care expenses paid and Dependent child care information (name, address and SSN or Tax ID of childcare provider)
    • Proof of charitable donations
    • Statement of work-related expenses
    • Auto registration
    • Receipt of tax prep fees paid last year
    • Statement of safe deposit box fees
    • Statement of mortgage points paid
    • Bank account interest year-end statements
    • College Tuition or Student loan interest statements
    • Statement of post-secondary education tuition expenses paid
    • Social Security year-end statements
    • Any other documents related to taxes