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A Benefits Specialist at the mental health center showed me how to declare a subsidy.  In the end, I continued to qualify for SSDI.

Rebecca L.
Manchester, NH

Individual Development Account (IDA)

An IDA is a savings account with a plan.  If you’re employed and can save at least $25 per month from your earnings, an IDA may help you reach your financial goals more quickly than a typical savings plan.  This is because IDAs offer matched savings – you can receive as much as $3 for every $1 you save, to be used toward your specified goal.  Some plans allow you to put tax refunds away as well, with or without a match.

Traditionally in New Hampshire, IDAs can be used for buying your first home or for post-secondary education.  There are many agencies that administer IDA accounts in New Hampshire and each one has a particular focus.  Some IDAs even allow you to save for a car or home repairs, but these types of IDAs will count toward your resource limits for Medicaid and SSI.

There are income and net worth eligibility requirements for qualifying for an IDA.  Your household must make less than 200% of the poverty level ($22,980) for a single person household in 2013), qualify for EITC, or be eligible for TANF.


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