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Planning and Work Incentives for Individuals with Disabilities

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After graduating from college I worked as a Digital Mapping Technician with a budget that plans for my $776 in SSDI to end.

Tabatha W.
Keene, NH

Fact Sheets

The Work Incentives Resource Center provides information to assist individuals with disabilities in New Hampshire to understand federal, state and local benefits and the impact of working and earning income has on those benefits.

The information in this section is to give individuals and families general information about benefits, work incentives and valuable links to resources that are available in the State of New Hampshire.

We have made every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information.  However, programs are subject to change, and there are exceptions and individual circumstances beyond the scope of this summary information.

We have included fact sheets that are focused on benefits to individuals with disabilities.  You may select from the following topics:

Income Supports

  - Federal and state (NH) programs that provide disability benefits

Medical Insurance

  - Programs that offer medical coverage, including long-term disability-related costs.

Work Incentives

  - How to keep the most amount of your money for yourself in spending and savings, without losing benefits you need.

Employment Assistance 

  - A guide to services that help you succeed in getting and keeping a job or starting a business.

 Tax Credits and Deductions

  - Taking advantage of tax credits and deductions you qualify for is one of several ways to make the most of your earnings. A variety of tax credits and deductions exist that often go unclaimed.

 Special Savings Programs

  - A variety of savings incentives exist to assist you in becoming more financially independent.  The programs are offered through a variety of different agencies in New Hampshire and  have financial eligibility requirements.