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After graduating from college I worked as a Digital Mapping Technician with a budget that plans for my $776 in SSDI to end.

Tabatha W.
Keene, NH

Frequently Asked Questions


How many times can I get an extension for my MEAD if I lose my job?

If you lose your job and do not find a job within 6 months but are looking than you may receive another 6 month extension.  You have to have lost your job for a “good” cause and must be looking for a job or have a doctor’s statement that you will be able to return to work within the 6 month extension period.

If my wife works, what will happen to my Medicaid spend down?

Your Medicaid spend-down will increase if the household income increases

What happens to my children’s benefit when I work?

If you receive auxiliary benefits off of your SSDI benefit for your children then their payment is only affected if yours is.  If you earn enough so that your SSDI benefit stops, your children’s benefits would also stop.

But doesn’t the SSA know that I’m working- I pay taxes!

You pay taxes to the IRS and eventually that information gets to Social Security but it does not get their promptly and if you report your own earnings monthly SSA with have them so you do not get an overpayment

If I work will my rent go up? 

If you are on subsidized housing, your rent will probably go up.  Your rent is based on 30% of your income in most cases.  There are work incentives available.  See the fact sheet on HUD Earned Income Disregard.

If I go to work will lose my food stamps?

Any changes in your income will affect your food stamp allotment.  The general rule is – if nothing else changes- For every $100 you earn, you will lose about $30 in food stamps.

How do I know what benefit I receive?

See the fact sheet Social Security Programs.